Vista and Linksys VOIP wireless router WRTP54G



I have this Vonage phone/wireless & wired router setup that currently works
in wired mode with two different XP laptops. I connect the coax from the
cable outlet to my cable modem, an ethernet cable from the cable modem to the
Linksys router, and another ethernet cable from the router to the laptop. I
power-up the cable modem first and let it get itself set, then the Linksys
router. The XP laptops are set with TCP/IP set to acquire IP addresses
automatically, and this works fine - they can see the network and IE works
and all that. However, a new laptop running Vista connected exactly the same
way says it finds an unidentified network and won't connect. If I remove the
Linksys router from the setup and run the ethernet cable directly from the
cable modem to the laptop, the network connection works fine.

Any ideas?


Robert L \(MS-MVP\)

I am using the same router without any issue. Try the following
troubleshooting first. If it doesn't fix, post back with the result of
ipconfig /all.

Resolution of Vista Unidentified NetworkThe Vista Unidentified Network or
Limited Connectivity could be hardware, TCP/IP configuration or security
issues. The following are some resolutions. ...

Networking, Internet, Routing, VPN Troubleshooting on
How to Setup Windows, Network, VPN & Remote Access on


Make sure that in the router setup page you allow at least 3-5 extra IP
addresses users) than you have to allow for IP addressing.

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