Vista Aero unavailable after SP1 beta



I have Vista Ultimate (Windows Experience Index: 5.9) running Aero and
I had no issues. Yesterday I d/l and install the SP1 Public Beta.
Which went fine (at first). Aero worked and everything performed
This afternoon I decided to install a new bios update for my video
card. The first step was to uninstall the NV display drivers and
reboot. I did the uninstall and rebooted. THEN, after reading more
on the bios update, I decided to save the bios update for later.
I reinstalled the Nvidia drivers (169.25, signed) but I cannot get
Aero back on.
Under "Appearance Settings" "Color Scheme" I get to choose from
"Windows Vista Basic", "...Standard", "...Classic", etc.

Index is still 5.9.
I tried a system restore, but since the SP1 update was so recent, the
only restore point available was AFTER I uninstalled and reinstalled
my video drivers.

I am stumped.


CURaven said:
I want to apoligize to the forum for my previous post. It was entered
by accident. It won't happen again.

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CURaven, Scott or whatever your name is,

It takes a man to apologize for an inadvertant act. Well done. Have a
nice day.


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