Vista 64-bit and WD MyBook World edition



I have a home network workgroup consisting of three PCs running Windows XP
Pro SP3 32-bit, 1 PC running Vista Enterprise 32-bit, and one running Vista
Home Premium 64-bit. I also have a Western Digital MyBook World Edition NAS
drive on the network. Mionet is installed on one of the XP PCs.

Before I added the Vista 64 PC, the WD drive worked just fine and was very
stable. Once I added the Vista 64 PC and finally got it to even see the WD,
it worked for a few hours than the WD left the network. None of the PCs
could connect to it. The power button on the WD didn't respond. I had to
unplug the WD to regain control of it. WD tech supports response was "We
haven't tested any of our NAS drives with any 64-bit OS." That's all their
help. (As an aside, the WD WB seems to have the slowest data transfer speeds
around. It's rated for GB networks, but on a GB network it seems to max out
at about 1/4 the speed of a USB2 external drive.)

I've given up on the WD. Does anyone know of a NAS drive around 1 TB in
capacity that can handle RAID 1 and/or 5 that works with Vista Home Premium
64-bit and the other OS's that I have? Even better would be one that has a
good data transfer speed on a GB network.

Thank you
Brian Bygland


Yes. WD Anywhere Access (MioNet) will not install on a 64-bit OS and WD is
not admitting that one will be available.

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