Viewsonic VP201b, Dell 2001FP or Dell 2005 FPW?


Esben von Buchwald

I'm about to get a new monitor.

It's got to be an LCD, show at least 1600x1200 pixels and should be useful
for games, ie. max 16ms response time.

I currently own a Dell laptop, with a 1680x1050 widescreen, and i like this
display very much, and don't want any lower resolution for my desktop PC.

i've been looking at 3 diferent models:

Dell Ultrasharp 2005FPW, costs 5700 kr in DK (997.57 USD)
20" widescreen, 1680x1050, 300cd/m2, 600:1 contrast and 12(16)ms response
(dell US says 12ms, DK says 16ms), plus Svideo and composit in

Dell Ultrasharp 2001FP 20 til ca. 5300 kr in DK (927.56 USD)
20" 1600x1200, 250cd/m2, 400:1 contrast og 16ms response time plus Svideo
composit in

Viewsonic VP201b costs 6300 kr in DK (1102.57)
20" 1600x1200, 250cd/m2, 400:1 contrast og 16ms response time
as far as i understand, this display has the same panel as the Dell 2001FP

The 3 displays has in common that the panel can be turned 90 degrees, 4 port
USB hub and the DVI and VGA inputs.

One of my considerations, is whether i'll be happy with the widescreen
model, because it's display area is 7% smaller, and it's got 9% less pixels
than the 1600x1200 ones.

Is it worth giving up a few pecent of pixels and display area, just to get a
And are the any benefits of buying the Viewsonic, which is a little more

I've tried cutting out 2 pices of paper, in the dimensions that equals the
display area of 2005FPW and Viewsonic VP201b, and then stick it to my
current monitor. My impression is that the widescreen doesn't look as big as
the other ones.
But, the widescreen has much better specifications (cd/m2, contrast,
response time), so what do you think?

I use my computer for development, web-design, graphics, just surfin',
playing, and other funny stuff.
I can never have enough space, and if the widescreen was in 1920x1200, the
choice was easy!
If you have another suggtestion for a Display that could fit my requirements
at a similiar price, you should tell me :)



Hi. You were looking that the exact same monitors that I am
considering. I'm curious to know what you finally chose and if
you're happy with that choice.

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