Viewing variables in Debug



From time-to-time, I've needed to examine the
current value of variables not available in the
current code display while in Debug, i.e.,
holding the cursor over the variable name as it
appears in code. If there's some form of the
object browser where I can examine variables
within the scope of the current module, I've not
been able to find it.

What's the secret?



Bill said:
I found it.

You know, it may be nice to post what you found so others could benefit
from what you learned. I'm guessing you either discovered the Watch or
using Immeidate windows to do ad hoc interrogation of various properties
not available via hover-over, which is common when wanting to examine
objects' properties as opposed to examining a value stored in a
variable, for example.

Stuart McCall

Bill said:
Ah yes, I'm in too much of a hurry today multi-plexing
amongst more things than I have time for.

One can find a useful discussion of the use of Debug
and the Immediate Window in VBA at:


I notice he neglects to mention 'Quick Watch', which you achieve by
highlighting what you want to know the contents of, then pressing Shift-F9.
I find this really useful when debugging.

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