Viewing AD users in NT4 User Manager via a trust relationship

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory' started by Guest, Jan 19, 2005.

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    We have successfully set up a trust relationship between a NT4 domain and W2K
    forest. The trust relationship works fine but we need to permission certain
    resources in the NT4 with users from the W2K domain as part of the migration
    process. In (NT4) User Manager we can see some users (generally admin and
    service account types) and W2K global groups but no normal users are shown.
    Additionally when we look into some of the (populated) 2K groups we see no
    users in them (although we know they are there). We have to manually type in
    the domain\username when permissioning rather than having to pick from a
    list. I would imagine it is something to do with OU containers but anyone
    brighter than me is welcome to fill me in on what is going on here.


    Guest, Jan 19, 2005
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  2. Customized permission of object may can cause this issue.

    Christoffer Andersson
    Microsoft MVP - Directory Services

    No email replies please - reply in the newsgroup
    Chriss3 [MVP], Jan 19, 2005
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