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Linda \(RQ\)

Hi Everyone,

I have a patient database. My main form is based on my patients table. A
subform on my main form has Pt. location which has the fields Area, Room
number and bed number. How can I set something up so they can search for a
patient by room number? I don't want to use any code. I need some
ideas/options for this.



Hi Linda,

You could do many things but here are a few suggestions,

1) Create a Combo box in Patient No order just to look
and/or 2) Create a Combo box in bed order
and/or 3) Create a Combo box in first name order


Select Field and press ctr & F to use search function

You can use wards, or Problems or whatever you want just with a query and a
combo box based on that query. You can also select the item in the combo box
and will go to that page.

Hope this helps



Linda \(RQ\)

SHUUUUT UUUUP! I liked the last suggestion and then tried it. That is the
coolest thing ever. You guys are really great!



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