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Hi, everybody. I'm trying to connect my personal laptop from home to my
office network, but I'm having trouble with it. Our office network server is
running on Windows2000 Professional and I was not able to set it up as a VPN

First I tried with Start | Program Files | Administrative Tools | Routing
and Remote Access (I had to install adminpak.msi from Win2k Server Edition),
but whenever I click on the computer name in MMC, I get "You do not have the
required permissions to view the properties". I've searched the net and I
was unable to find a solution.

That's why I tried with Network Connections | Make New Connection. I click
Next and then select Accept Incoming Connections and then, when I click
Next, computer "freezes" for a minute or so and then I get the following
error message: "Incoming Connections depend on the Routing & Remote Access
Service which was unable to Start." When I check System Event Log, I can see
an error "Unable to load %windows2000%\system32\ipxrtmgr.dll". But
ipxrtmngr.dll is present in system32 folder and if I check Services, I can
see that RRAS is running.

I'm stuck with it. Does anybody know what to do next or can somebody
recommend me a program (freeware & secure; if possible) that would enable me
to view files on my office computer from home. My office computer is running
on Win98, network server is Win2k PRO and my laptop is WinXP Home Edition.



It sounds like error num 1 was your best place to start. If you are getting
permission issues when trying to access RAS, then I would suggest that you
make sure that you account you are using has the correct permissions.

I'm not sure what RAS requires, but Domain Admins should do it.
make sure you are a part of that group, then try again.


RRAS snap-in from the adminpak.msi cannot connect you to the W2k Pro; All
you need is Incoming Connections.
Ensure all the Automatic services is in the Running state. Uninstall IPX/SPX
and reinstall TCP/IP.


I saw the "Our office network server is running on Windows2000 Professional

and I figured it was win2k server for some reason. It would appear that I
was wrong. ;)


I don't think W2K PRO has RAS. What you need to do to setup an incoming
VPN connection on W2K Pro machine is:
Start/Settings/Network and Dial-up Connections/Make a New connection
Then go through the wizard and use the "accept incoming connections" at
the Network connection type window.
Once you're done that make sure the appropriate ports are open on your
firewall, if you have one and you should be in!
Let me know how it goes!

Thanks for reply.

But as said above, I've already tried Accept Incoming Connections, but it
fails (look at my original post).

But here is my question: do firewall ports have to be open already when
making New Connection (= Accept Incoming Connections). I haven't open
firewall yet. I planned to do it only after I would successfully made new

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