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I have a spreadsheet that contains a hyperlink and would like to be able to
copy the hyperlink to another cell so I can pull all into access to link to
other tables for mapping screens. When I look at the cell it shows:
AAD: AWDU11 - Award Amount Definition

When I hover the mouse over the cell it shows the hyperlink of:

I would like to keep the original cell and display the hyperlink in another

Any help would be great.



Dave Peterson

Maybe you could use a userdefined function to extract the hyperlink from the
cells that have them.

Option Explicit
Function GetURL(Rng As Range) As String

Set Rng = Rng(1)

If Rng.Hyperlinks.Count = 0 Then
GetURL = ""
GetURL = Rng.Hyperlinks(1).Address
End If
End Function

So if you had a hyperlink in A1, you could put =getURL(a1) in that adjacent

Be aware that if you change the hyperlink, then this formula cell won't change
until your workbook calculates.

If you're new to macros:

Debra Dalgleish has some notes how to implement macros here:

David McRitchie has an intro to macros:

Ron de Bruin's intro to macros:

(General, Regular and Standard modules all describe the same thing.)

Short course:

Open your workbook.
Hit alt-f11 to get to the VBE (where macros/UDF's live)
hit ctrl-R to view the project explorer
Find your workbook.
should look like: VBAProject (yourfilename.xls)

right click on the project name
Insert, then Module
You should see the code window pop up on the right hand side

Paste the code in there.

Now go back to excel.
Into a test cell and type:

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