video works, but sound does not always work



I having trying figure out why the sound does not work correctly for the
on the road runner home page, click on a news video, the video starts, but
the sound is distorted and sounds like a Synthesizer gone bad. I tried
several different videos, and only one worked correctly, it was credited as a
"cnn" video, the others were "ap" videos. When I went to the CNN website,
clicked on a video, it kicks off real player. The video works, but no sound,
and there was a windows message about the Windows Firewall blocking it. I
have turned off my firewalls (black ice and the Windows firewall), and can
not get the sound to work. I know the sound works because i can play CDs, use
real player, media player, itunes, and the normal chirping that my computer
does. Any suggestions??

Graham Hughes

If it's a "Real" video it will need real player to play it. Does it play ok
if you try to watch it in real player?

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