Video overlay settings



I'm using a Visiontek HD2600XT card.

Since installation, videos shown on the computer, (whether they be from
the machine itself, online, where ever,) tend to be darker than they
were under my old NVIDIA card. With NVIDIA there was a video overlay
setting that allowed me to tweak gamma, etc., in videos as they played,
even within the Netflix movie player itself. I can't seem to find a
similar setting with this new card and find that if I bring up the gamma
or brightness it effects the entire desktop and not just the video
window itself.

Is there such a setting in ATI's Catalyst Control or a utility that
would do the same?



First of One

Two places, depending on the rendering mode the media player app is using:

Open up Catalyst Control Center:

1) Go to "Color"

Where it says "Set color correction for", select "Full screen 3D" in the
drop-down menu. Then you can adjust the gamma/brightness/contrast for
overlays and 3D games.

2) Go to "Avivo Video" -> All Settings

Uncheck "use application settings". Then you can adjust the
gamma/brightness/contrast for videos.

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