Video Not Importing



Each time I try and import video from my JVC GR-D91 camcorder I get the
following message "The video was not imported correctly. Verify that the
digital tape is not blank, and then try again." I'm using a 6-pin to 4-pin
FireWire cable and am running Vista. WMM recognizes the device, starts
"importing the video" then gives me the error messgae.

Graham Hughes

There is a vista newsgroup, please use it for future questions.
Have you tried any other software? look at windv if it will work with vista,
free and works easily.
This will tell us if the programme is siftware related.
Also test the cam/cable firewire port on the pc, see here for details, this
will tell us if it is hardware related.


I have the same problem whether I use WMV or Roxio Easy Media Creator. I am
running Vista Ultimate. No problem on my laptop running XP-Pro. Still
haven't found a solution.

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