version differences in excel 2007 - use of macros & range names



I have a large workbook in excel 2003 which uses an embedded lookup macro to
report certain data by date. works well.
I now need to run this workbook in excel 2007, and have some problems.
- I get the range label error, although all ranges are defined names. -
lookup is across multiple ranges, either as a vlookup, or as and
'intersection' between defined range names.

- If I try to run it in my Student/Home version (at home), the macro will
not load or run. If I run it in the Enterprise version (at work), it runs
though slowly. If I run it in Office Mac2008, it won't run at all. Why do I
get a difference in the 2007 functionality?




If we could see the code, it would surely help. Might even be of some help
if we knew what the named ranges were referring to.

As for the Student/Home version; check your macro security settings. Tools
--> Macro --> Security and set it to "Medium" (disable with alerts which
permits you to enable them). You'll have to close Excel and re-open it for
the new setting to take effect.

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