Version 2.1 Timeline does NOT display all the storybook line



New to Movie Maker 2.1 (service pack 2)

I created a storybook with titles and pictures followed by a video clip in
version 2.0 and both the storybook and the timeline display each of the
titles and pictures correctly; however, version 2.1 does not display the
titles and picture clips on the timeline.

In version 2.1 the story book shows everything and the playback is correct.
however, all I can see in timeline mode is about 1/16 of an inch that
represents all the preceeding clips and ttiles. How do I expand the timeline
to make these other items visible. I would really appreciate the help.
Thank you.


You can expand/shrink the timeline view by pressing PageUp and PageDown keys
or using the plus and minus lens tool from the toolbar on the topleft side
of timeline itlsef.

Search the MM help file for "Zooming in and out" topic. or copy paste the
following link to explorer and press enter.

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