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When I normally open a contact and select export to vcard. This saves a vcard
in a folder. In the contact file I have the contact set up to list the name
as first, middle, last and "file as" last, first. I have noticed that when
exporting contacts to vcard, sometimes it auto names the file as first, last
and sometimes it names the file as last, first. When opening the vcards some
names are listed as last, first & some a first, last. What is going on here?
Why does it not consistantly name a file one way or the other. Why, after
apening a vcard will the name show up as last, first when the contact was set
up & listed as first, last?

Russ Valentine

Importing and exporting have never abided by the settings you set for a
Contact Record. How could they? vCards are not Contact Records and the
derived fields to which you refer have no relevance in a vCard. If those
settings are important to you, then why are you converting your Contact
Record to a different format?
Perhaps you should have stated what you want to do.

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