VC2008 SP1 -- vcredist vs. merge modules


John McNamee

I've been deploying the VC runtime libraries using the merge modules,
bundling them into my own MSI package. I did this for VC2005, VS2005SP1, and
VC2008. The disk space cost was slightly higher than vcredist, but not
enough to worry about. That changed with VC2008 SP1. vcredist grew from 2
MB to 4 MB (2 MB increase), but my MSI package is 8 MB larger [1]. The MSM
files haven't grown that much. Where is the bloat coming from? A related
question is, how did Microsoft build the MSI file that's embedded in
vcredist? Clearly, it wasn't from the merge modules.


[1] I'm using the X86 sizes, but the same unexplained bloat happened on X64
and IA64 too.

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