VBAProject name compile error, not defined at compile time


Matthew Dodds

How do I make this work?

If Not generalFunctions.isOpenWkb(strWkbStat) Then
Workbooks.Open (strPath & strWkbStat)
Call generalFunctions.addReference(strPath & strWkbStat)
End If
Set wkbStat = Workbooks(strWkbStat)

Call osteocht.chartIt.topPlot(Target)

This code opens workbook strWkbStat and establishes a reference to it
so I can call the code in the VBAProject called osteocht.

Problem is that this reference is not established at compile time, so
the perceived variable called osteocht (which is the name of the
VBAProject where the code I'm calling sits) is called as being not
defined ... end of party.

How do I get around this

Thanks in advance for getting me out of this empasse!


Bob Phillips

You could try and force a compile in your code



Bob Phillips

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