VBA that finds the bottom of the sheet



I have a formatted worksheet with a 0.5" margin on the left and 0.25"
on top, bottom, and right. I am looking for a macro that after the
user inputs whatever data into cells, the macro will find the bottom
of the page and input some data into a cell.

You might suggest just using a custom footer...I don't want that. Or
you might suggest just having the macro designate putting the data
into the cells at the bottom of the formatted sheet. The problem
this is that if there is no data on the sheet, the bottom of my page
might be row 58. However, my cells are formatted to wrap text and if
the cell requires wrapped text, that makes that row taller and
subsequently will put my bottom of page row now at 56. So, if I
designate to put text in row 58 and my other cell becomes larger due
to text wrapping...and if I print...that gives me two sheets...one
with my data and the other with my text at the top of sheet 2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




look at the horizontal pagebreaks


My experience is that trying to work with pagebreaks is a frustrating and
problematic endeavor.

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