VBA IIf(myCell.Value = Array(myCell2(1).Value, myCell2(2).Value,myCell2(3).Value,myCell2(4).Value) ,



2003, 2007

Have a routine where I would like to ascertain if myCell,value = an array of myCell2 cells.

What I conceive the formula to be is:
VBA Message = IIf(myCell.Value = Array(myCell2(1).Value,
myCell2(2).Value,myCell2(3).Value,myCell2(4).Value) ,"OK","No Match)

Another way to phrase my question.

1) I have an array of myCell2 Formulas on Secondary W/S
2) Also I have an array of myCell Formulas Secondary W/S
3) TempFormula is a string representing the formula on the Master Worksheet
4) If myCell.formula matches any of the myCell2.Formula(s) then I want to:
5) Replace(TempFormula, myCell2.value,"")
6) How can I write an array(?) formula to have all of the array values
available for the replace test?

TIA EagleOne




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