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I have been asked by a friend to help with vb/excel, however i have not
touched vb in my life. I have a background in c/c++, so if someone could
point out to me what I might need to do or how I would go about it that
would be great.

Here is the letter from my friend asking for assistance:

What I need help with is writing a macro that will automatically
provide data into a hidden sheet “hide pack summary” from which other
documents can take this data;

1. Sum up the total weight in a carton. E.g. the cells in blue on
the “pack data”.sheet
a. But there can be from 1 up to 8 fish in a carton.
b. The form is not continuous – i.e. need a total over several
sheets. Sheet”pack data”.Range - B22:G52, I22:N52, P22:U52, V22:AB52,
B73:B102, I73:N102, P73:U102, V73:AB102, B124:B153, I124:N153,
P124:U153, V124:AB153, B175:B204, I175:N204, P175:U204, V175:AB204
My thoughts were to use the subtotal(2).
I don’t know how to specify the range(since it changes)
Can I tell it to offset add to a cumulative subtotal if it starts with

value in the carton column until next carton is reached then paste
value & subtotal(2)=0 ??

2. Within a given range (in orange above), count the number of
cartons that satisfy criteria i.e. match species and processing
description (e.g. YF/GG – which will be given in cell reference) Go
through and do the same for subsequent descriptions. E.g. for every
species and description determine the number of cartons. I had a go at

=COUNTIF(x,x) in excel, and subtotal(x) in visual and combinations of
but no luck.
worksheet”hide pack summary”.activate
make activecell=descrip
worksheet”packdata”.select range”G22”.select. and then basically with
IF and IFNOT, then, offset(1,0) to see if descrip= ‘SPECIES/FORM
column’ and if a value in ‘Carton column’then count if not then don’t
When the end of the range is reached
worksheet”hide pack summary”.activate
Spit back solution.
Until blank cell.


3. Give a total weight for each description ((e.g. YF/GG – which
will be given in cell reference or need be typed in) – I think I may
have solved the problem with =sumif(x,x,x)

4. In ”FOB invoice” provide a summary of this data but only for
species/form combinations that have data. E.g. if YF/GG = 3boxes,
ALB/GG=2 but YF/WH = 0 box then only return YF/GG and ALB/GG data.

My email is (e-mail address removed), I would be guessing a copy of the
worksheets are required, if so please email me.

Any assitance is greatly greatly appreciated.


If i have not provided enough information or gone aboust asking the
wrong way, would someone be able to inform me, This is kind of urgent.

Many thanks,

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