VBA corruption



I have an Access 2002 application that is presenting the
following error message: "The Visual Basic for
Applications project in the database is corrupt." This
happens when I try to open any object. I have tried
unsuccessfully to compact and repair, and I cannot import
anything into a new clean file. I have read the decompile
suggestions, but that doesn't seem to work either, unless
I am not issuing the decompile command properly. Is there
any hope for this situation?
Thanks in advance...




I recently have an issue where I could not work with a
database file due to a VBA problem. The decompile worked
for me. The way to use it is to create a shortcut with
the path to your MSACCESS.exe file then the file you are
wanting to decompile. Here is the string that I put in my

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10
\MSACCESS.EXE" "C:\Full Path to your db
file\YourFileName.mdb" /decompile



Allen Browne

Ron, this message occurs even if you create a new database, and then open a
code window and try to create a new module? If so, your installation of
Access must have been messed up, probably by installing something else. Try
uninstalling Office 2002, and installing from scratch.




Byron and Allen,
THanks for the info. The first file I tried to decompile
wouldn't work, but I had another (earlier)copy, which I
had begun rebuilding with the functionality in the
corrupted one. It too become corrupted and this time the
decompile worked fine and I was able to continue. Thanks
again for your help.

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