VBA converter for Excel 2007



When I tried to add the XLODBC addin to Excel 2007, it returns the following
"Opening the VBA project in this file requires a component that is not
installed. This file will be opened without the VBA project. For more info,
search Microsoft Office for "VBA converter". The XLODBC file that I am using
is dated 7/24/2006.
After reading some of the similar posting in office discussion group, I had
verified that VBA application was installed when I installed Office 2007
Enterprise version. Also I had tried and downloaded the Compatibility pack
for 2007 and with no helps.

Can anyone help me with this problem ?
Thanks in advance.

Barb Reinhardt

I'd go into the VBE for the add-in and check to see if a reference is
missing. That sounds like a message for a missing reference to me. I'm
not on Office 2007 yet but I'm working on converting some corporate tools and
some code that worked in 2003 doesn't in 2007. (chart legend placement and
named range naming conventions)

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