VB.NET for webbrowser control losing focus and failing?




I'm wanting to write a program that allows an employee to log into an
order website and have the program click on the same product numbers
to add them to a basket for checkout.

we just find lag on the site is taking them too long to order the same
stuff via the web each time.

I'm wondering if it's best that I write it in VB.NET and reference the
IE browser or would ASP.net be more effective? I did a test run in
VB.NET this way:

Goes to the site and gets to the product category.
I use keyboard.send(vbtab, true) to get to the product
keyboard.send("~", true) to set checkmark

repeat for all products...SUCCESS!

This works until the user runs a background app. and the order app
loses focus.

Do you have any suggestions?



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