VB.NET Datasets

May 6, 2011
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Hi, I am currently using vb.net to try and populate a datagridview
The issue i am having is with the below;
I have 1 dataset, and in the dataset i have 2 tables
table 1
JobNo StockCode Qty
1 a 2
2 b 3
3 c 2
4 d 3
5 e 2
6 f 3

JOB StockCode DeliveryDate
1 a 01/01/2017
2 b 01/02/2017
3 c 05/03/2017

i will need to join the above and view in a datagridview as shown below
JobNumber StockCode Qty DeliveryDate
1 a 2 01/01/2017
2 b 3 01/02/2017
3 c 2 05/03/2017

How would i go about doing this? I have already set the relation using the following
dsJoin.Relations.Add("JobNumber", dtFlightScreen2.Columns("Job"), dtFlightScreen.Columns("JOBNO"), False)

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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