Vb.net Application wont execute Setups..help!



I all, this is my first time that im using google groups so i dont
know how it work.. but i'm going to try anyway :p

I have build a application on Vb.net 2005 Framework 2.0.
That application is for installing a setup of my company on many
Notebook of our client's.

So like many of you may know Applications .net 2005 need Framework 2.0
to run, and if you are using a .net application on Network ( that is
my case ) you need to give all the time permisions on Microsoft .NET
Framework 2.0 Configuration for that applicaiton to start on
Network ...

But i was looking on google to make a stand alone .exe that dont need
Framework or the permisions to start on Network .. the name is "
ThinInstall" good application ...

Anyway i have used ThinInstall , it as "re-compiled my application"
and sucess, with works on laptop's without Framework and i dont need
to give permisions.. BUT!! , when i try to use my application to Run
the setup that my company sell's , the setup open and stay like
"block" telling " Teams32 Installing " and stays like that for hours
and maybe days... But if i dont use the application ThinInstall to "re-
compile" my applicaton the setup works fine.. so i'm guessing that the
problem is that the Installer think that i have a Framework installed
and then he dont start ?

I hope this question is for this topic.
Thanks in Advance.



Cor Ligthert [MVP]


It is all clear, however most of the regulars in this newsgroup (I think
nobody) don't like thininstall, therefore it is probably better to contact
the supplier of that product.

We want you to help with everything, however this is in fact not .Net but
thinistall using VB for Net.


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