VB Express 2005 and SQL 2000



I've installed VB Express 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express on a workstation
that had SQL 2000 on it.

I can only get VB Express to connect to the SQL Server 2005. From other
groups I read that SQLEXPRESS was the connection to SQL Server 2005 and I
should use LOCAL for SQL 2000. However, in VB Express this field is not

I would have thought there would have been entries for SQL 2000 when
creating a new data connection.

Is there another component (or add-in) that I need to add?



Norman Yuan

When multiple versions of SQL Server/multiple SQL Server instances installed
on single computer, you can only have one instance (regardless SQL Server
version) as default instance, all others must be named instance. "Default
instance" means you can refer to it with the computer name or "local".

In you case, you have to know which on is installed as default instance.
Since you installed SQL Server Express with VB2005Express, so it most likely
is a named instance, called "MachineName\SQLEXPRESS" (unless you specified
different name for it during installation), or you can refer it as
".\SQLEXPRESS" in the ConnectionString.

If you are sure the SQL Server2000 was installed as default instance, you
can refer to it as "local" or "MachineName"



Thank you for the reply.

You're correct that the data source is .\SQLEXPRESS. When I try to change
the value, the list box only has that entry. And of course, it won't let me
type it in. Is there a "parameter" list somewhere that I need to add that
entry in?



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