VB Error in spreadsheet with no VBA code


Kathy - Lovullo

I am looking for some help with a Microsoft Visual Basic Error - "File not

I have one spreadsheet with VB code in it which I am using to populate
another sheet in the workbook. The VBA code then saves 2 of the sheets as
new spreadsheet (without any VBA code) and then opens a prefilled Outlook
email to send with this new spreadsheet as an attachment. The main part of
the code for this is below.

The spreadsheet being sent to our clients has worked succesfully with all of
our clients but one. When they try to open the file attachment, they receive
the error File not Found error. The title bar of the error window shows
Microsoft Visual Basic, which is confusing me more as there is no VBA code on
this attachment. My spreadsheet was created in Excel 2003, this particular
client uses Excel 2000.

Any ideas?

'Save the new workbook/Mail it/Delete it
TempFilePath = Environ$("temp") & "\"
TempFileName = "Test File"
FileExtStr = ".xls": FileFormatNum = -4143
FileFormatNum = -4143
Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)

With OutMail
.Subject = "Test Subject"
.Body = strbody
.Attachments.Add Destwb.FullName

End With



Bernie Deitrick


What happens if they save the file first, then open it from Excel?

MS Excel MVP



Kathy - Lovullo

They actually forwarded my e-mail back to me (with the attachment) and I
receive the same errors they see. When I originally create the e-mails and
open the attacmment I do not see the error. I also tried saving the file
attachment forwarded back to me to my desktop and I still receive the error.

When attempting to open the file, a Microsoft Visual Basic window opens
stating "File not found". If I click OK, it pops this exact same error a
second time (coincidentally, there are 2 worksheets in the file).

I then receive the following Microsoft Excel Error:
"Excel found unreadable countents in 'Affidavit.xls'. Do you want to
recover the contents of this workbook? If you trust the source of this
workbook, click Yes.

A "Repairs to "Affidavit.xls" window opens telling me "Lost Visual Basic

The "Repaired" spreadsheet opens up with the full functionality of my

I can save this as a new file and no longer see these error messages;
however I would not want to have trouble all the users at this client's
office with doing this.

Also, I opened the original attachment on the email (prior to sending) and
have verified once again that no VBA code exists.

Any ideas? I am baffled by the errors. We have sent this to 100 clients so
far and this is the only one with the problem.

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