variable available after userform



Hi all; I have this macro

public var1,var2, var3 as integer
sub getdata()
load userform1 ' In userform1 the var1 should be used and then the value of
cells(3,1) changed, var2 is obtained from userform1.
if var2<1 then
load userform2

load userform3
end if
'var3 is obtained from userform2 or 3 and used
end sub

my problem is with the variables, when I open the userform1 var1 loose its
value, also, when I get values from userform2 and 3 I'm not able to operate
with them in my macro, could someone give me a small explanation about
variables in userforms and how to solve my problem???


Bob Phillips

If you have defined var1 etc as public variables in a STANDARD code module
you should be okay, they should persist.

Do you have further variables called var1 etc. in the actual form modules?

Post some of that code that isn't working.

BTW, no need to load and show, show does a load if not already in memory.



(there's no email, no snail mail, but somewhere should be gmail in my addy)

Peter T

In another thread I noticed you, I mean filo666 not Bob!, posted your
userform code in which you appeared to close the form using the End
statement. I strongly advised against using the End statement but if you are
still using it all your public variables will be destroyed.

Peter T

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