Validation Rule Error Messages



A TextBox on my form has a Validation Rule:
=0 And <101

.... and associated Validation Text:

Must be a number between 0 and 100

The same Validation settings occur in the underlying table

When using the form, and making an entry that does not fit
the rule, first my Validation Text appears, then after
clicking OK, another message appears:

"The value in the field or record violates the
validation rule for the record or field. For example..."

I don't understand why the second message is appearing, or
how to stop it. I think my text is just fine.

How can I stop the second message?




What happens if you remove the rule on the text box, and just use the one in
the table?

The same behavior--my Vtext, then the canned error message.

I should mention that this is on Access 2002 (

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