Validate User Input in Dialog box


Dee Sperling

I'm using the following to prompt the user for the starting 5 digit code in a

StartingNum = Application.InputBox("Enter the 5 digit number", "Enter
Starting Number (5 digits only)")

Once I get the value, I put it in the approprate cell, increment it by one,
and keep cascading to the cells below, based on a value in another cell on
the same row, different column.

This works great, but I was wondering if there was a way to
1) Prevent the user from canceling out of the Input box.
2) Validate the input value so that if the user enters other than exactly 5
digits, it will generate an info box and force them to re-input.
3) Not error out if a letter is entered in the box. The user knows that
they are only supposed to enter digits, but if they do a typo, it goes to
Debug, and it would be better if the program would simply dicard the value
and present the input box again.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Mike H


You could try this

Sub GetNum()
Dim Flag As Boolean
Flag = False
Dim StartingNum As Long
On Error Resume Next
StartingNum = InputBox("Enter the 5 digit number", _
"Enter Starting Number (5 digits only)")
If IsNumeric(StartingNum) And StartingNum >= 10000 Then
Flag = True
MsgBox "The only valid input is a 5 digit number"
End If
Loop Until Flag = True

End Sub


Dee Sperling

This lets me enter 5 or more digits, but does what's needed if the entry is
non-numeric or shorter than 5 digits.


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