vacation time/sick time calculations



I have a db that holds records for all our employees. One of the forms has
textboxes for hire date, benifit eligibility date, etc. What I need to do is
make a textbox that calculates vacation time earned ( 1 week for one year, 2
weeks for 2 years, 3 weeks for 5 years) and one for sick time earned ( 4
hours for every month worked). This needs to be calculated form the benifit
eligibilty date.


Use a table like this ---
Years Weeks Hours Hours_Per_Period
1 1 40 1.538462
2 2 80 3.076923
5 3 120 4.615385

But there are a few more questions to ask.

1- How is the accumulated vacation recorded?
2- How often is vacation added to the cumulative record? Yearly, monthly,
weekly, or every pay period?
3- Many take vacation in hours or tenths hours not weeks. Will you record
in tenths hours vacation?


Accumulated vacation time will be recorded in hours (40,80,120) and displyed
in a textbox on the form.

Vacation time will be recorded yearly.

Time will be recorded in hours


My company adds vacation time to the cumulative each pay period rather than
adding a years worth on the anniversary date – none before earned.

The TABLE that has hire date, benifit eligibility date, etc. needs to have
field for AccumVac, DateVacAdded, DateVacUsed

Use update queries to add to cumulative and to deduct when used.

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