Using Windows as a PCL printer



Not sure if Windows supports this or if any program would be able to
support this, but I have one for you to think about... Using a non-
Windows server. It works completely, can print, and provide LaserJet
printers with proper prints completely made up with layout and such.
However, it's been found that people want these prints on paper to be
replaced by something like PDF documents... or atleast something

Now the printjob submitted by the printer is appearantly ridden with
PCL control codes to tell the printer how to go about printing it.
It's been found nigh to impossible to really grab the printfile from
the server sofar (although we still need to look into that) to make
sure that it's indeed PCL language that is sent onward.

There are a few PCL to PDF converters on the market, some even free,
but as far as I could see they all request a PCL file to be opened,
after which a manual print can be made. What we would like is some
sort of solution that provides a printer on a Windows server which we
can share, then submit the PCL document to as input. The goal would be
for that printer to port that data to any locally available Windows
based printerdriver (for instance a PDF creator software, or any
printer that isn't nativly supported by the non-Windows system).

We would then need to see if the output to a specific folder could be
automated, allowing people to retrieve their prints from that folder,
but that's something we need to look into later on, depending on
possible solutions.

Does a program like that even exist (and preferably freeware)? Thanks
in advance for any replies!

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