Using VBA on Excel Pivot Tables



I'm looking to be able to do the following. Sources of examples would be very much appreciated. I've searched around and haven't been able to find.
I have a pivot table with a large number of pivot table fields (43)
For my specific application - I'm only using 9 of these. The 9 chosen will not change.
Two of the fields will be used as a row labels - representing month/year and day
I would like to get a complete list of all of the items within each of the other 7 which will be used as report filters.
I would like to create 7 data validation lists on another worksheet that make use of each of these potential options within each of the 7 fields, allowing the user to select an option from each of the data validation lists
I would then like the item selected to modify the specific items selected in the pivot table so that it updates.

Using VBA on pivot tables is pretty new to me. So any assistance will be appreciated







Please do not encourage posters to send files to these news groups.

You could get them to send directly to your email or post a site where
they can upload the file.

Gord Dibben Microsoft Excel MVP

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