Using VB 2005 assemblies with VB 2003



This should be simple.

I have a VB 2003 project that needs one VB 2005 component (I cannot just
port the project as a key component is currently 2003 only).

I created a class in VB 2005, tested it and compiled to a dll. VB 2003 will
not let me reference this dll and says it is not a valid assembly. Is there
something I'm doing wrong or is this just not possible.


Peter Smith





Carlos J. Quintero [VB MVP]

It is not possible because the .NET assembly 2.0 could use something
specific to .NET 2.0, such as new class library or some new feature of the
language such as Generics. So, you can´t use 2.0 assemblies from 1.x code.
But the opposite can work, that is, port to .NET 2.0 and use an assembly
1.x. See:

Compatibility Considerations and Version Changes


Best regards,

Carlos J. Quintero

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