Using UserControls in a Web Site rather than a Web Application Project


Nathan Sokalski

I have been told that prior to SP1 you were forced to use the Create Web
Site. link rather than the Web Application Project when using ASP.NET.
Although I now know this, I have an existing site I need to help someone
with and would like to know how to add a UserControl (an ascx file) in a web
site created using the Create Web Site. link. If I drag the *.ascx file onto
the page, it simply creates a link to it using the <a> tag. I have been
unable to figure out how to add something to the system.web -> pages ->
controls section of Web.config, since Create Web Site. does not build DLLs
the same way Web Application Project does. Can someone help me here?


Dragging in source view might do this, but if you do it in design
view, it should do @register directives correctly. But as was said,
there should be no difference in it web site vs project what comes to
registering them on the page.


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