Using the vertical scroll bar to activate a record in a continuous



Is it possible to use the vertical scroll bar to scroll down a continuous
form and have the top record visible be the selected record?


How do you define "top"? Records are a jumble unless you have some kind
specification that orders them.

Stephen Lebans

See: is a database containing functions to allow a user to Set or
Get the current position of a ScrollBar Thumb for a Form.

NEW - Apr. 02/2000 The current ScrollBar position is equal to the current
Record Number being displayed at the Top of the Form.

Works in Form or Datasheet view.

Ver 1.7

Fix bug in SelTop method. Now works with first page of rows properly and
sets the Top row correctly when moving forward in the recordset one row at a

Ver 1.6

Use SelTop to save Restore current row's position after a Requery.

Ver 1.5

Added support for Horizontal ScrollBars.


Stephen Lebans
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