Using the Autofill, with filtered lists


Jo Davis

In Excel 2007, three users are filtering lists of purchased items and adding
spend categories to a blank column based on the results of the filter. We
have a regular problem on one user's machine using the following process- the
list is filtered (using custom filter->contains) to find relevant spend items
and the new category is typed in the top cell of the blank column in the
results. The fill handle is then used to drag and fill the category to all
lines identified by the filter. When the filter is removed, the new category
has been filled in on all lines including the lines which were hidden by the
filter. Is there any way to avoid this and only copy to the cells left
visible by the filter- also is there any reason why this would happen on one
machine and not the others doing the same task?




Don't use the fill handle. Instead, <copy> the single cell, then
highlight the (visible) cells that you want to copy into, then press

Hope this helps.


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