Using Text in the y-axis of a line graph



Hello -

I have tried to find a solution to this (without using an add-in), but have
been unable.

Suppose we have values like this:
Time Rating Symbol
T1 Aaa
T2 Aa2
T3 Aa3
T4 Ba1
T5 Ba1
T6 Ba1
T7 B2
T8 Caa2
T9 Caa3
T10 Caa3
T11 C
T12 C

The problem is that Excel does not seem to understand how to rank the

One nice way of doing this wopuld be to replace the ratings with numerical
values and then in the chart somehow replace the numerical values with the
corresponding ratings text.

This sems likea pretty difficult problem. If anyone has any insights i
would greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Chris ([email protected])

Jon Peltier

Chris -

Excel does not know how to evaluate your alphanumeric codes. Because they
are not numeric, Excel just assumes they have a value of zero.

You are on the right track with an approach that replaces the codes with
numerical values. To get codes back onto the axis, you need to hide the
regular axis labels, then plot a helper XY series along the axis, with data
points where you want labels. Each data point has a data label, which serves
as a replacement axis label. The approach is described in several articles
listed here:

- Jon

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