Using Tab key to jump to specific cell



I've created a 'fillable form' and somehow (magically) when the tab key is
pressed in certain cells, the cursor jumps to the next appropriate cell to be
filled (Example I filled in cell B1 and the next fillable cell is D4. If I
hit the tab key after typing in B1, the cursor will jump to D4). But this
does not happen in all cells or at the appropriate places. I don't know how
I managed to get it to do what it does already. Is there is a way to
fine-tune it?



Luke M

When you protect a sheet, tabbing will cause the active cell to jump between
the unlocked (aka unprotected) cells.
The order of tabbing is left to right, top to bottom.



Gord Dibben

If your input cells are in a left to right, top to bottom sequence,
unlocking input cells and Tabbing to them will work.

If not in that sequence you can create a named range in the order you want.

Start with last cell in order then CTRL + Click your way through the

See Bob Phillips' site for more on this.

You can also use VBA to tab through a sequence of cells.

If you want that, post back.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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