Using SOAP in XML


tony hart

SOAP represents Simple Object Access Protocol, its function is to let the exchange of structured information in the use of Web services software. To accomplish this SOAP depends upon XML for its message style and on HypertextMarkup Protocol (HTTP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) for its transmission.

Simply speaking SOAP is incredibly useful and important for application development, making it possible for internet communicating among programs.

One of the ways that it does this over HTTP is to take advantage of Remote Procedure calls (RPCs), this makes it much easier and simpler for applications to apply network protocols for instance opening and closing sockets, formatting requests, listening on ports and decoding responses plus much more.. To do this, you merely compose a basic procedure call.

It's also helpful over working with middleware because of the added difficulties of employing middleware just like trying to get passed firewalls thatare generally set to block non HTTP traffic.

Plus, it's reasonably inadequate in regards to deployment, for this reason you are going to find it simpler as well as quicker to deploy a website than a middleware dependent application.

For these points plus more, developers would rather use SOAP since it overcomes the middleware issues and it also has got the comparative features as an RPC.

Larry Linson

And the point of your posting this in a newsgroup dedicated to
Microsoft Access is what?

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