using RDC from work



I am trying to RDC from work into my home PC (Both os at work and home are
Win XP sp2)
I have the Norton internet Security firewall installed and enabled. Also
there is a Linksys router that I use to have a small network at home
When I try to RDC from work I am not able to connect at all.
Do i need to configure Nortorn in a specific way - any ideas on how this is
done,I hve tried adding the work IP address to the firewal configuration to
accept the connection.

DO Ineed to do any port forwarding etc on the router
WHen i use RDC at work do I need to specify the IP address + the port number
i.e 49.89.xx.xx:3389
Is port 3389 correct? i have port forwarding for 3389 to my PC internal ip

Any help is appreciated.




Sooner Al [MVP]

See this page for help...

You need to open TCP Port 3389 on the home router and in NIS. Consult the
NIS documentation for help with that. Its also possible your office network
administrators block TCP Port 3389 outbound. Check with them about that

Lastly check with your office network administrators and make sure there are
no company policies that prohibit employees from connecting untrusted
systems (your home PC/network) to a trusted system (your office PC/network).


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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