using pst file on another computer



How can I take my outlook.pst file from one computer and replace an existing
pst file on another computer?
Or, is there a way to copy a folder and its emails from one outlook.pst file
into another outlook.pst file?
The problem is my wife accidently deleted a lot of her emails she had in her
folder. I have a bad habit of not emptying the deleted folder so there are
many emails to try and sort through to find hers, not to mention she doesnt
know exactly what they all are.
If i can copy and paste her folder from the file i saved on another computer
to the upgraded machine i would be ok. Or if i could just replacve the
entire file with the file i had backed up. Can that be done safely>
thanks in advance


With outlook closed, copy the pst to media, on the other PC from media to
Documents folder, then in Outlook on that PC, File>Open>Data
File.........browse to that saved pst
(If you used a cd as the copy media, you will need to untick the read only
attribute in properties of that file, using Explorer on the other PC)

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