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I'd like to know how to transfer video from a tape to my computer from an
analogue camcorder. My camcorder is a JVC.Where do I plug the camcorder in to
my computer? My computer is a Fujitsu Siemens AMD Sempron. Thanks for any

Graham Hughes

You need an analogue capture card. If there isn't one fitted then you either
need to buy and fit one, or purchase an external converter. Canopus make
good ones of both, whereas Miglia make good external.
The other option is to buy/borrow/beg/steal a minidv cam with analogue in
and use this as a pass through converter.


Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media


Hi Graham,
Thanks for the info in regard to my initial query. My next
question is where would i get the pieces of equipment you mentioned in your
reply. I live in the Republic of Ireland, so, would you know anyone selling
those particular pieces of equipment in Ireland. Or would it be easier and
maybe cheaper to get them from someone like Many thanks.
Tim O'Flynn

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