Using mirrored sql 2005 db with a ms access adp project



Hi, I have a MS Access (2002) adp project connecting to a sql 2005 database.

I'm investigating the possibilities of using Database Mirroring in
conjunction with this adp project. I tested the setup of the mirrored db srv
with a small Dot.Net test app and that worked fine, providing I added the 2nd
mirrored server to the sql connection string with "Data
source=sqlsrv1;Failover Partner=sqlsrv2;"

Is there any equivalence to this to use with the build in sql client of MS
Are there any know issues with MS Access 2002 that are solved in later

Thanks for any assistance, Bart

Sylvain Lafontaine

You could try using CloseConnection and OpenConnection; see:

However, I would myself be surprised if this work.

(Don't forget that the OpenConnection method is very pricky about the
connection string that you will give it and that all the necessary
parameters must be given; as indicated in the mentioned thread. Also, I'm
not sure if these two methods work correctly with A2007 or with the

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