Using macro to delete value from a specific field in multiple reco



Hi, I'm... well, new to access macros. ie. I haven't done one! I'm sure it's
possible to do what I want done here via macro or some other way...

When the user updates a record, they change a yes/no field to "Y" that
indicates the records has been changed. Then I have a query that identifies
all these altered records and the user can print the updated reports for
those specific records.

What I want to do now is when they have printed the reports, the user can
click a button and all of the fields that are marked "Y" have the "Y"
cleared, so the next person that updates records and prints them won't be
re-printing what's already been done and finished.

More details available if I'm not being clear enough!




Steve Schapel


Make an Update Query to re-set all the "Y" records. And then use an
OpenQuery in your macro (which you would assign on the Click event of the
command button), to run the Update Query.

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