Using IF statements with Hyperlink function?



Hi all,

I want to have a spreadsheet with two tabs--one containing basic contact
information and then a second that contains accounts and other details
specific to each contact. There are thousands of rows of accounts so rather
than having to go through to find an account by client, I figured it'd be
easier to just set it up so you could click on the contact name and via a
hyperlink, go to the section on the other tab where that associated client's
accounts starts. I want to write a function in for each client that has the

-The text for the hyperlink would still be able to be the client name
-The function searches the "name" column of the other tab to find a
"matching" client name and hyperlinks based off that.

Something along the lines of "If client name on tab 1 = client name on tab
2, create hyperlink that directs you to that name on tab 2."

Hope this makes sense. Shouldn't be too complicated.





Just a thought... but why dont you just have one worksheet and put in an
auto filter. That way the user just clicks on a contact name within the
filter and be directed to exactly that part of the spreadsheet. You could
do an advanced filter to potentially redirect the selected data to another
worksheet. There is a wizard to help you create such a thing.

Just a thought

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