Using formula based on text in a different cell


Jason Pettress

Hello. I have a list of calculations that I have to perform each week and I
decided to use excel to simplify the task. I will use generic examples. I
have a group of agents which call on any of 4 different programs. We will
say program A-D. Each program has a different goal. Each agent has an
average sales per hour for the week. Instead of pasting in a specific
formula for each different program, I want to be able to have excel
determine which formula to use based on what program.


1 John Doe ProgA SPH %ofGoal
2 Jane Doe ProgB SPH %ofGoal
3 Dick Doe ProgC SPH %ofGoal
4 Harry Doe ProgD SPH %ofGoal

I want to be able to do the following.

If the text in column B = ProgA then divide the value in column C by GoalA
to find %ofGoal
If the text in column B = ProgB then divide the value in column C by GoalB
to find %ofGoal

I have come up with something like


but it doesn't work and it only checks for one possibility

Is what I want to do even possible? I have my spreadsheet set up so far so
that I can copy paste the information from our intranet and I have named
cells which you just enter the value for goal each week since it changes.
(GoalA, GoalB, etc.)

Thank You

Jason Pettress
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Jason Pettress

I actually figured it out myself through trial and error. I'm new to excel
so Im patting myself on the back right now, lol.


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