Using web form and controls .vs html form and inputs



I am just starting to develop in and I have somewhat of a
familiarity with asp 3.0. I am comfortable with asp 3.0 for my server side
processing and javascript for client side. I also like the regular form,
inputs, etc., in html. I seem to be having trouble with finding how to
change the action for the form control to a different url and the
action defaults to the same page that the form is on. It seems very
confusing since I can't see where this is being set or how I can change it.
Is there any problem with just using the regular html tags interspersed with
asp code and javascript in an application? I'm sure that Microsoft
wants us to use the newer method but what advantage is there to doing this?
Any insight into this will be helpful. Thanks

bruce barker use a postback to self model. you can not set the action on a form
(with a runat="server"). you can set the postbackurl on a submit button basis.

there are two types of controls, webcontrols, the .net abstract, or
HtmlControls, which is a subset of the html controls. any markup between
server controls is placed in a generic control.

-- bruce (


Well now that I'm working with this more there are things that I like about
the new way and things that I like about the old way. I like using
the html controls better and I like using the old submit/action better but I
do really like having classes and linking them into my project. So for now
I'm going to mix it up since html is the standard I can't see the html
controls going away any time soon. I did two very nice websites in vb6
webclasses, after much head banging, and now look where that got me...

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