using a time format in a count function



I have a spreadsheet that has the following:
Start Time Run Day Run Time
11/14/09 12:20 AM Sat 12:20 AM
11/15/09 3:30 PM Sun 3:30PM

The cells are formatted as:
A= Date & Time
C=A2(cell reference with a time format)
My goal is to count how many times the event occurred on a particular day of
the week and count how many times it occurred during a time frame. EG Monday
between 5:00 AM & 8:00 AM
I have the count for the days of the week, I just can't get the occurrences
between the hours I need.
Thank you in advance!

T. Valko

Use cells to hold the criteria...

E2 = some day of week like Mon
F2 = lower time boundary like 5:00 AM
G2 = upper time boundary like 8:00 AM


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