UserForm Functionality


Vacuum Sealed

Hi all

Just getting started on using UserForms and I'm liking what I see to date
but have a question relating to their ability to operate as a search form.


I would like to attach either a ControlField which a user can type whatever,
lets say, 123ABC, then using a CmdBtn search for it and populate the other
ControlFields with relevant info just as an Access form would operate.

What I have in mind it that there is one additional blank cell attached to
all the other that hopefully will be displayed once the search has arrived
at it point, the user then would select the ControlField, then using a
scanner would input whatever it scans, once this is done, update that
ControlFields hidden (I'll call it) Linked Cell.

Then next, and so on......

This would be so cool if it were possible as we spend hours using the CTRL-F
and entering the data then would have to move to the cell we need, then go
through the scanner process, then repeat which is murder on your eyes after
a while.




Vacuum Sealed

Just as a footnote

I visited Debra Dalgliesh's website and downloaded the sample UserForm file
she has there but it is corrupt and would not unzip so I could not check it
out for any tips/tricks to it....

The webpage gives some good written/visual info to setup a UserForm for
entering Data, but not sure if it is applicable for what I'm looking for...


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